Saturday, August 1, 2015

How to View SharePoint App Web Site Contents

I know most of the SharePoint App developers or users would definitely look for site contents of an App Web and List Settings in an App Web. But it turns out that there is no direct way to access the App Web Contents similar to a regular site's Site Contents.

However I have a trick to see the app web site contents by typing in the below URL as a suffix to your app web URL.

Example: http://app-web-url/_layouts/15/mcontent.aspx

It lists all the available lists/libraries in the app web. But you will notice that the way the contents are listed is different from the regular Site Contents and by clicking on the list/library will redirects to list/library settings instead actual list. On the settings page you see the List Name which redirects to the actual list content.

Hope this post is helpful...

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