Tuesday, February 21, 2012

SharePoint 2010 Certification Dumps

I know most of the developers who is going for Microsoft SharePoint Certification looks for dumps or material. Of course one can find material by Googling  but getting the right dump is very important and difficult.

However i found one efficient dump and followed for all my SharePoint Certifications (SharePoint 2010 Certification and Moss 2007 Certification).

You can find the dumps for SharePoint 2010 Certification and dumps for Moss 2007 Certification by accessing the link below.
SharePoint 2010 Certification Dumps and Moss 2007 Certification Dumps

PS: But i still suggest to follow the Text Books for extensive knowledge.

The site also provides dumps for All the Microsoft Certifications along with below other certifications.

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Oracle Certification Dumps
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RedHat Certification Dumps
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SharePoint 2010 Sandbox Solution Limitations

The high level advantages and limitations of Sandbox solutions over Farm solutions.
What is Sandbox Solutions in SharePoint 2010?

Friday, February 17, 2012

Open SharePoint List Form in Edit Mode (New / Edit / View Form Pages)

I wanted to customize list's New form to load the JavaScript code by adding CEWP to auto populate some fields. But i could not find the option to Edit list form pages in the browser. i.e. New Form / Edit Form / View Form. It can be done using Designer but it is not handy.

I could edit the list form in the browser by using a simple technique.
Add the querystring &toolpaneview=2 at the end of the list form Url and hit ENTER.
That's it now the form is in edit mode, you can customize list form in the browser by adding web part or list views.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

SharePoint AutoComplete Lookup Field with JQuery

I have Created a Custom SharePoint Lookup field that offers new functionalities to default SharePoint lookup field by allowing Auto Complete or Type Ahead search functionality with Contains CAML query.

Below is a few of the features offered by AutoComplete Lookup field over standard SharePoint Lookup field:
  • Auto Complete or Type Ahead lookup search (queries after each typing)
  • OTB SharePoint Lookup Dropdown look and feel for the results
  • Proper validations
  • Searches the lookup keyword with Contains CAML query
  • Configurable for No.of results to be displayed
  • Configurable for No.of characters to start the auto complete search

With few limitations:
  • It cannot be multi-valuated
  • Only one AutoComplete Lookup field is allowed per list
  • The target lookup field is frozen and always the Title field
The AutoComplete Lookup Field Solution (as SharePoint Solution installer) and Source Code are available for download at my CodePlex project SPAutoCompleteLookup.

Monday, February 6, 2012

SharePoint Calendar Setting a default duration for new Events as Outlook

First of all i would like to thank Ryan for his post on Setting a default duration for new SharePoint Calender Events, which helped me in providing a better solution to my client.

However I have updated the script for my requirement to auto-updating the end date time based on start date time, not only for the first time load but also for consequent start date time changes similar to Outlook functionality.
Note: The outlook loads the 30 mins duration for first time and for any consequent duration change by changing the end date time, it keeps the updated duration for start time change.

My updated JavaScript has below functionality:
1. Sets the default duration to 30 mins on first time load
2. It updates the end date time accordingly on updating start date, start hours or start minutes.
3. It provides the similar functionality as Outlook, sets the default duration 30 mins and keeps the updated duration (by changing the end date time) and doesn't allow end date time less than current date time.
4. It works for All Day, Recurrence and All Day + Recurrence Events

To apply the functionality follow the below simple steps:
1. Go to Calendar -> Click “New” in your Calendar to open up NewForm.aspx
2. Edit New Form -> Add a query string &ToolPaneView=2 onto the end of the URL to open the page in edit mode
3. Add a Content Editor Web Part to the page (below the New Form)
4. Click Open the toolpane or Edit > Modify Share Web Part
5. Click Source Editor and paste in the following JavaScript

JavaScript to auto-update end date time with a specific duration with start date time.