Friday, December 23, 2011

How To Redirect a Blog to Another Blog Automatically

Blog Redirecting: If you have created a New Blog or Own Blog site, ultimately you will be moving the existing blog's content to new one.
And definitely you want to get all the traffic to new Blog rather than old Blog.

Here is the best idea to divert all the users who come to old blog with search results or direct way, by redirecting from old blog to new.

Follow the below steps :
1. Go to Old Blog Dashboard -> Design -> Edit HTML -> Edit Template
2. Search for
3. Add a meta tag
<meta content="0;url=http://NEW BLOG URL" http-equiv="refresh"/>
next to the above line of code
4. Save the template html

Thats it, done. Verify it by typing your old blog url in the browser, it redirects to new blog always.

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