Friday, August 26, 2011

How To Download Folder from SharePoint Document Library or List

Scenario: SharePoint document library download folder

Generally SharePoint is used for Content & Document Management System. If it is more of Document Management System, users will upload and download files and documents quite often to/from document library or list.

Downloading a single document or file is straight forward, by clicking on the file. But there is no straight way to download folder from SharePoint document library. And downloading one by one file from a library is hectic if it has has more number of files (say 100s).

However a folder with all the files can be downloaded easily by following the below steps:
1. Go to the document library or list.
2. Open Explorer View of the respective document library.
3. Drag & Drop the folder from library to local drive.
    Select the folder -> right click -> copy, then paste it on the local drive.


  1. Thanks Murali.. saved me 2 hrs

  2. Wow - saved a lot of time - THank yoU!

  3. Seem that this trick works only on IE. I tried on FF and failed.
    Anw, it saved me lot of time. Thanks Murali.

  4. Worked for me!! Great idea. Thank you sir!

  5. On my newer version of Sharepoint it still works, but is slightly different. At the top, click Library > Open in Explorer. Didn't work on Chrome, but did on IE. Thanks!