Wednesday, August 10, 2011

SharePoint Copy Survey from One Server to Another

Migrating the survey list from one location(server) to another location(server) is very simple, if we go for list template. But this process doesn't work if the requirement demands for the existing responses along with survey details.

Though it copies all the survey details and responses details, the responded user(created by and modified by) and datetime (created and modified) details are replaced with current user (who is creating the survey with the template) and current datetime details.

To copy the survey as is (all questions and responses) i found a nice codeplex tool SharePoint Content Deployment Wizard. The post has the detailed documentation on what it can do and how can be used.

This also works with limitations:
The settings of the source Survey should be set as follows before copying.
Go to Survey list -> Survey Settings
1. Allow multiple responses (Yes)(Advanced Settings)
2. Edit access: Specify which responses users can edit
All responses (Yes)(Title, Description and Navigation)
After copying the survey, the settings can be again changed to earlier state.

It also helps in copying the following as well.
- site collections
- webs
- lists
- folders
- list items (including files)

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